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Goji Berry Fruit Extract

Anti-Ageing Antioxidants Cosmetic and Skincare Ingredients Healthy Foods

Goji Berry has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Botanically known as Lycium Barbarum, it is used to improve eyesight, boost the immune system, increase longevity, protect the heart and liver from disease.

Goji Berry

Cosmetic Uses of Goji Berry

Scientific studies show Goji Berry has excellent antioxidant properties to protect cells against oxidative damage caused by free radicals. It was shown to be capable of neutralising free radicals by up to 82% (Wu, SJ. et al, 2004).

Also known as Wolfberry, Goji Berry is rich in amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins and flavonoids. Goji Berry Fruit Extract is used in cosmetic and skincare products for its antioxidant and anti-ageing properties. It is one of the key ingredients in Henry Tianus award winning face serum, Antioxidant Youthful Essence.

 Antioxidant Youthful Essence

Scientific Sources:

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NHS UK: Do goji berries deserve their A-list status?


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