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Is Natural Vegan Skincare The Beauty Standard of Cruelty-Free World?

Beauty Treatment is The Essential Part of Life

Beauty Treatment should be the essential part of life. Without it, the continuity of life in this world will be under threat of extinction. Even when there was no exchange of money or trade involved, our ancient ancestors regularly spend time together to groom each other. It is their way to show affection towards others. This kind of routine has a significant impact on their survival as a community.

Love Yourself and Be Confident with Who You Are

Human beings, be them male or female or other; all have the desire to look good and attractive. Looking and feeling good about ourself is the best medicine in life. It helps prevent and reduce the risk for many diseases. Most importantly, it will improve the quality of life, for us and others around us.

Nevertheless, it should never be about searching for perfection. Looking and feeling good is about loving yourself and being confident with who you are. Everyone of us is very unique and different. The global population is estimated to reach 7.7 billions in 2019 and yet there are no two identical people. We don't need to fight hard to find our place in this world, we just need to be ourselves.

Henry Tianus Eco-Luxury Skincare

Which Way To Go? Natural or Synthetic or Both?

At the beginning, nature has provided all creatures with what they need for living. However, the tendency of human beings wanting to have much more than we need has destroyed this balance. There have been many inventions that deemed to be great but they don't actually improve the quality of life. In fact, few are the major contributors to unhappiness and emptiness in the life of many people.

For almost 2 decades, I have been experimenting with many skincare ingredients both natural and high-tech ones. After seeing the results and looking at countless research papers, I decided to use natural ingredients as much as possible. I am not at all against science and technology. I love science and technology, in fact, Henry Tianus Eco-Luxury Skincare combines bio-technology and natural botanical ingredients. I choose the best ingredients for my skincare formulas.

There are three criterias that I use in selecting skincare ingredients:

1. Have been tried and tested for a long period

Blue Chamomile has been used for its anti-inflammatory (soothing) benefits for many thousands of years. It is one of the best skincare ingredients for sensitive skin.

Blue Chamomile is the key ingredient in PariQu Blue Chamomile & Cacay Facial Oil and multi-award-winning Henry Tianus Antioxidant Youthful Essence

2. Scientifically validated to be beneficial for the skin

There are more than 300 phyto-chemicals found in Rose ectract. These natural substances in work in harmony to safeguard the existence of the rose plants. Many of these phytochemicals are contributing to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Rose extract.

Rose extract is the ingredient behind award-winning PariQu Rose & Cacay Hydrating Serum Cream and my two haute couture skincare formulas, Henry Tianus Bio-Collagen Serum and Bio-Collagen Ageless Cream.

3. Results speak louder than words (Seeing is Believing)

I am a massive fan of natural ingredients, however, I will use synthetic ingredients if they are more effective and better for the environment. In some cases where the consistency is highly critical, therapeutic botanical extracts have to go through the standardisation and stabilisation processes. Due to this, they can no longer be referred as natural ingredients.

Nothing look better on us than a healthy skin. Healthy skin is the most beautiful skin regardless of the colour and age. Skin is the largest organ that acts as a barrier between our body and the world around us. It can only be healthy if we live in a healthy environment. After all, instead of natural vegan skincare, perhaps, the cruelty-free living is in fact the new gold-standard of natural beauty? What do you think?

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