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Indonesian Orchid Silver Bracelet
Indonesian Orchid Silver Bracelet
Indonesian Orchid Silver Bracelet
Indonesian Orchid Silver Bracelet

Indonesian Orchid Silver Bracelet

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Exotic Silver Bracelet for Timeless Style

A strikingly beautiful silver bracelet with five orchid blossoms. Handmade in Indonesia, the country which is known for its fine silver jewellery.

In ancient time, silver jewellery were very popular among Javanese queens and princesses. Java is one of the over 17,500 islands in Indonesia, the fourth largest country in the world with a population close to 270 million. Indonesia has a very rich and diverse culture with more than 700 living spoken languages and over 300 ethnic groups.

The richness of the culture of Indonesia is clearly seen in the details of this beautiful orchid silver bracelet. In fashion, only few stand the test of time. If you appreciate the timeless style, you will love this exotic piece of jewellery. This work of art bracelet magnifies the beauty of silver. Not every silver is the same, is how I describe the beauty of this Indonesian orchid silver bracelet.

The Brief Story of Silver Jewelleries in Indonesia

For centuries, Indonesia has been known for its silver jewellery industry. Most of fine silver jewellery in Indonesia are still handmade in Yogyakarta (in Central Java), Bali and Bangil (in East Java).

The original Indonesian-style silver jewellery have a distinguished design. It is quite rare to find two pieces with the exactly similar details. Each piece is a work of art on its own. If you love art, you will appreciate the fine silver jewellery from Indonesia.

The Details of Javanese-Style Silver Chain Bracelet

Available quantity: 1

Origin: bought in Surabaya, Indonesia

Year of Production: circa 2000

Condition: very good and never used

Colour: silver

Size: 19cm (approximately)

Weight: 8 grams