Dry Skin Solution

Dry skin is a common skin problem across all ages. It causes tightness, itchiness and flakiness. Compared to other skin types, dry skin is generally more-prone to signs of ageing and damage.

To prevent skin dryness, use few layers of products. This helps maintain healthy hydration levels throughout the day. After cleansing, apply a face serum, nourishing oil then a rich moisturiser. Spritz Antioxidant Youthful Essence all over the face and neck few times a day to boost hydration levels and protect skin from free radicals and pollution.

Henry Tianus Face Serums, Oil and Moisturisers have been formulated to work together in synergy. You can use them in layers to seal moisture in your skin for much longer.


Daily Skincare Routine for Dry Skin (Morning and Evening)

1. Cleanse your face with Hydra Calm Dual Action Hydrating Cleanser and Mask. Hydra Calm has been specially formulated to gently cleanse, soothe and hydrate your skin. Use it daily, morning and evening to cleanse your face and remove makeup. Whenever your skin needs extra soothing and hydrating care, use it as an instant calming and moisture-boosting mask.

2. Spritz Flower Essence Hydra-Calming Toner all the over face after cleansing or at anytime during the day to refresh and hydrate your skin.

3. Apply a face serum, then gently massage few drops of Bio-Renewal Face Oil or Chamomile & Cacay Oil into your face and neck. Finally, apply a nourishing moisturiser like Bio-Collagen Ageless Cream or Nano Gold Nourishing Cream to seal in moisture and prevent dryness.

Testimonial: “ Five star! I’ve been using this moisturiser for over a month now and am super happy. I love how it works on my face! This face cream is light and silky and it makes my skin smooth and firm. It’s not greasy at all and it absorbs right in. It really feels like I am doing something special for myself when I put it on! " Julia, UK.

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