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Charles Jourdan Vintage Watches
Charles Jourdan Vintage Watches
Charles Jourdan Vintage Watches

Charles Jourdan Vintage Watches

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The Vintage Watches for Collectors

If you love a classic watches, this stainless steel watches is your perfect match. I bought this certified watches from the authorised retailer in Singapore in 1998.

If you are not a watches collector, I will not recommend you to buy this unique accessory. A vintage watches that is no longer manufactured, this collectable Charles Jourdan item is purely for those who love watches that is no longer available on the market.

The History of Charles Jourdan since 1919

Deemed as one of the most innovative shoes designers, Charles Jourdan of France started his business in 1919, exactly a century ago. From opening a small shop in Romans, France, Charles established himself as an haute couture house in 1930.

Charles Jourdan (1883 - 12 February 1976) has designed and produced shoes for Christian Dior and Pierre Cardin. A decade after Charles Jourdan passed away in Paris in 1976, the brand gained a massive global exposure after many of Charles Jourdan shoes were found at the Malacañang Palace during the coup against the late President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines. Imelda Marcos, the former first lady was known to have a huge collection of luxurious shoes.

Joined by his three sons, Rene, Charles and Roland, the Charles senior expanded his business to the United Kingdom where he counted the late Princess Diana as a loyal customer. Charles Jourdan under Roland Jourdan expanded into watches, ready to wear clothing and handbags. However, since Roland Jourdan retired in 1981, the Jourdan's family involvement in the business is no longer known.

The Details of Charles Jourdan Vintage Stainless Steel Watch

Available quantity: 1

Brand: Charles Jourdan

Origin: bought in Singapore in 1998. The Original Guarantee Card dated on 18-12-1998 is included in the original dashing red box with the watch.

Year of Production: mid 1990s

Condition: good. A new battery is needed to get this watch runs again.

Colour: stainless steel and dark blue