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The Best Anti-Ageing Moisturisers


Bio-Collagen Ageless Cream was born from a request from my customer for the best possible anti-ageing cream. Now it is the only cream I use on my skin, day and night."

Henry Tianus


The best face cream to replenish skin's moisture and protect your skin from signs of ageing and environmental damage.

How to apply a moisturiser?

Apply moisturiser on freshly-cleansed face and neck. If you use face serum and face oil, always apply the serum first then follow with the oil and moisturiser. Don't forget to moisturise the skin on the back of the neck and ears. 

Which moisturiser is best for your skin?

Bio-Collagen Serum is the perfect two-in-one supreme anti-ageing serum and ultra hydrating, lightweight moisturiser. This award-winning intense firming, soothing and hydrating formula for all-skin-types protects skin against dehydration and sensitivity.

Bio-Collagen Ageless Cream is the ultimate anti-ageing moisturiser for all skin types from normal, dry to very dry skin including hypersensitive skin.

For dry skin or whenever your skin needs extra nourishment and protection against dryness, mix a few drops of Bio-Collagen Face Oil with a small amount of the cream in your palm then gently massage into the skin.

For very dry skin, first apply Bio-Collagen Serum all over the face and neck. Then gently massage 4 to 6 drops of Bio-Collagen Face Oil into the skin. Last but not least, lock in the moisture with Bio-Collagen Ageless Cream

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