Henry Tianus

Henry Tianus is a multi-award-winning Anti-Ageing Scientist who completed his study at The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, ITHMA, London, in 2004. Henry Tianus is the recognised Institute Practitioner by ITHMA since 2005. Henry is a former member of British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology, BABTAC.


“ Facelift in a bottle! Delighted with my purchase. Within minutes my skin feels tighter and looks fresher.” Rachel, UK learn more >>>



Following years of research and development, I launched Henry Tianus Advanced Natural Cosmeceuticals in 2005. I formulated and produced my own skincare products using the combination of bio-actives and natural botanical extracts.

Started with a website, my business grew with having distributors in Singapore, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Sweden and Ireland. Henry Tianus Advanced Natural Cosmeceuticals has won numerous beauty awards including the Ten Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams by The Independent (newspaper, UK), a few months after launching. The other prestigious awards that I have won include the Best Facial Serum and the Best Moisturiser by Natural Health magazine.


" Argan oil plumps, Niacinamide tackles pigmentation and rosacea and 24 Carat Gold smooths wrinkles. An all-round winner." BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology) learn more >>>


Henry Tianus Eco-Luxury Skincare in 2019

I believe in being authentic and truthful in whatever I do. I am not afraid of making mistakes. I want to live truthfully so that my heart will beat to the music of my life.

In April 2019, I launched Henry Tianus Eco-Luxury Skincare, the Haute Couture Skincare based on 15 years of research and development. With an in-house production facility, all Henry Tianus Eco-Luxury Skincare Products are formulated and made by ourselves using an environment-friendly method in small, exclusive batches. Supreme Luxury without Guilt.


FANTASTIC! Dear Henry, today my hair loss patient who started using Henry Tianus Hair Loss Solution Products one week ago, came to my clinic and told me that Henry Tianus products are FANTASTIC. His hair look healthier and stronger already. Congratulation Henry, good job. " dr. Agustin Blanch, Spain learn more >>>

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