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Bio-Luxury Skincare

Where Science, Nature and Passion Meet

Henry Tianus Bio-Luxury Skincare is the embodiment of science, nature and passion. Our advanced formulas are developed in-house over 25 years and kept secret to preserve our uniqueness and exclusivity.

The 3 Core Elements of Henry Tianus


Our products contain the optimum concentration of scientifically proven active ingredients and plant extracts.


We see beauty in nature. Our formulas are natural based, we combine therapeutic extracts from plants and other natural sources to create supreme products.


Our luxury products are passionately handcrafted; free of artificial fragrances/colours, harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. Our advanced clean formulas are continuously being reinvented to deliver the best possible results.

Made in England

Henry Tianus Bio-Luxury Skincare is all about quality and commitment. From the relentless research and development to the making of the finished products including our handmade product boxes, every detail is meticulously planned and done in-house in England.

Our Founder

Henry Tianus is an award-winning anti-ageing scientist with 25 years experience in skincare research and product development. Henry completed his study at The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (ITHMA), London in 2004.


Henry Tianus