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Coronavirus Outbreak: Plasma Therapy To Cure Covid-19


The coronavirus outbreak continues to spread all over the world. Started in Wuhan of China, the outbreak has spread to around 200 countries and caused more than 42,000 deaths. 

The list of country with the highest number of deaths due to Covid-19 (as per 31st of March 2020 22:34 GMT):



Percentages from

The Global Death Toll































Total Worldwide



Outside USA







With more than 81,000 reported cases in China, the Chinese government has to quickly find a solution to slow down the outbreak. It has been reported that at some points, the Chinese government restricted the movement of up to half billion people in the country to prevent the outbreak from spreading faster. As catastrophic as the impact of the coronavirus outbreak to 1.4 billion people who live there, China has gained tremendous knowledge of dealing with the critically ill Covid-19 patients. Since 26th of February, the total number of new coronavirus cases in other countries has overtaken that of China. The recovery rate from Covid-19 in China has increased to about 93% as per 31st of March. More than 76,000 coronavirus infected patients in China have recovered so far. 

Xin Hua, the Chinese state-run press agency announced that the China National Biotec Group has developed plasma therapy to cure Covid-19 patients. It has been reported that the results among those critically ill coronavirus-infected patients have been very satisfactory.


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What is plasma therapy?

Plasma is the clear, yellowish liquid that makes up about 55% of the content of your blood. Plasma has a crucial role in the treatment of many serious diseases due to its important component known as immunoglobulins.

Convalescent plasma therapy or plasma therapy is a treatment in which the plasma from people who have recovered from an infectious disease being injected to other infected and not yet recovered people.

In the case of Covid-19 treatment, the collected blood from recovered patients was put through a process to extract the plasma, then the medical practitioner injected the plasma to people who are critically ill with Covid-19. Plasma from the recovered Covid-19 patients contains immunoglobulins, also known as antibodies. These antibodies help the coronavirus infected patients to fight off the infection.

Plasma therapy improves the condition of coronavirus infected people within 12 to 24 hours

About 5% of those infected with coronavirus suffer from pneumonia. Coronavirus triggers the inflammation of tiny sacs at the end of the breathing tubes in the lungs. This condition can cause serious breathing difficulties and kill people within hours by starving the body of oxygen.

During recent clinical trials in China, plasma therapy has been reported to improved the condition of critically ill Covid-19 patients within 12 to 24 hours. The clinical data showed that the inflammation in the lungs were significantly reduced while the blood oxygen levels were greatly improved. Hence, it helps improve the survival chances among those coronavirus infected people.


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Is Plasma Therapy Safe?

Blood transfusion has been used around the world to safe million lives for many decades. The plasma from donors would have gone through a rigorous screening process before being injected to the other Covid-19 patients. Plasma therapy was used during Ebola outbreak in 2014, therefore, it is safe.

What Should Happen Next?

The coronavirus outbreak in China is starting to slow down while it is escalating quickly elsewhere, particularly in South Korea, Italy, Iran, France, Spain, Germany and the USA. The Chinese government should regularly publish the detail treatment used in China to help other countries dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak.

Last but not least, dealing with a pandemic like this current Covid-19 outbreak, all the affected countries should help each other to prevent premature deaths from coronavirus. Isn't life worth more than the whole money in the world?

Kindly Help:

I hope this article will inspire millions people all across the world to ask their government to request China to regularly publish the detail treatments used in China for Covid-19 patients. Please share with everyone particularly in those countries affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Many thanks in advance!


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