Resveratrol Skincare Products

Studies showed that Resveratrol protects collagen from degradation. It also helps prevent free radicals, oxidative stress and pollutants to damage and age the skin.



A clinical study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology showed that Resveratrol is a 17 times stronger antioxidant compared to Idebenone. The study also showed that it has much higher antioxidant activities than vitamin A, C and E. In additional to that, Resveratrol is better at protecting the skin against free radicals than catechin (in tea), epicatechin (in cocoa), gallocatechin (in adzuki beans), gallic acid (in blueberries) and ellagic acid (in pomegranates).

To help slow down the signs of ageing, use skincare products that have been formulated with Resveratrol like Bio-Collagen Serum. This super-concentrated yet light in texture so called anti-ageing serum is the perfect weapon against skin ageing.

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